Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is Genesis3D?
  2. What type of license exists?
  3. Can I remove the engine logo?
  4. I'm having trouble building the engine. Any help?
  5. Do I have to release my game's source?
  6. Can I release code additions to the engine under GPL?
  7. Is this really for free?
  8. What do I need to develop a game?
  9. Who is WildTangent?
  10. What will Genesis3D run on?
  11. How do I make a game with this?
  12. Can someone send me code to [insert function here]
  13. What is Jet3D?
  14. What is the WebDriver?
  15. What is Genesis3D Classic?
  16. What is Destiny3D?

  What is Genesis3D?
  Genesis3D is an Open Source 3D Game Development Engine, with a license designed to allow use of the game in commercial, or non-commercial applications for free.
  What type of license exists?
  The Genesis3D License is an Open Source license with the following main requirements:
  • You must release any code modifications to the engine or any of the accompanying tools
  • You must display the Genesis3D logo as the first logo of the game
  • The logo can not be modified or removed

These requirements can be waved by purchasing a $10,000 license from Eclipse.

GTest and GDemo are demonstration applications, and do not fall under these requirements. You are free to do what you wish with them.
  Can I remove the engine logo?
  You can only remove the logo if you pay the licensing fee. The only exception to this is on in-house builds. You can remove the logo during development of a game but any version of the game that is seen by anyone other than the developer must show the logo.

There is a flag called DONT_DO_SPLASH at the top of Engine.c that can be uncommented. After rebuilding the engine, the logo will not be shown.
  I'm having trouble building the engine. Any help?
  The engine will build without any errors if the build environment is setup correctly. The engine's build environment expects the following.
  • The directories under the MSVC install to be in OpenSource\msdev60
  • The DirectX sdk to be in OpenSource\sdk\DX6SDK

The glide sdk is not needed unless you want to recompile the glide driver.
The masm files are only needed if you are recompiling the software drivers.

The text files under the OpenSource directory details which files it needs. Another route is to modify the build environment.

Between DirectX 6 and DirectX 8, a sound flag was changed. One error should come up in sound.c about DSBCAPS_CTRLDEFAULT.
The flag should be removed and replaced with:

For the Genesis.dsp project, There is a mistype in the include path for Release mode. If you go to the Release project's include directory settings, the first entry ..\SDK\DXSDK\Include needs to be changed to ..\SDK\DX6SDK\Include. The DX6SDK path is also at the end of the list, this last entry can be removed.
  Do I have to release my game's source?
  The license only requires you to release any code modifications to the engine itself if you did not previously pay the licensing fee.

A simple way to determine if a code modification or addition has to be released is if the engine dll, lib, or any of the tools have to be recompiled.
  Can I release code additions to the engine under GPL?
  No, you can not release code additions to the engine under any other license. All changes toi the engine or tools continues to fall under the Genesis3D License.
  Is this really for free?
  Yes, the engine and all code is released for free. You can use the engine to make a commercial game without any cost for the engine, as long as you follow the licensing requirements.
  What do I need to develop a game?
  In order to develop with Genesis3D, you will need the following:
  • The Genesis3D engine
  • One of the following windows compilers:
    • Visual C++ 6
    • Borland C++
    • Delphi
    • Visual Basic
  • A 3D Modelling Package for making actors. The following have direct support:
    • Animation: Master v8
    • Milkshape3D
    • 3D Studio Max 3
    • Truespace
  • A BSP Level Editor. Genesis3D directly supports the included editor, GEdit

Genesis3D only supports Microsoft's Visual C++ v6, however several engine ports/libraries have been made to work with other compilers.
  Who is WildTangent?
  In 1999, WildTangent purchased most of the assets to Eclipse Entertainment. Part of the purchase was the domain and the Genesis v1.0 engine. With the engine, they created the WebDriver, a web enabled version of the Genesis engine.

In the fall of 2000, WildTangent was prepairing to close the Genesis3D site because they had no more need of it. Different people have stepped up though and taken the reins of the domain to keep it running mostly due to the community.
  What will Genesis3D run on?
  Genesis3D requires DirectX 6 or higher
Genesis3D suports Windows 95, 98, ME, and XP, as well as Windows 2000. Genesis3D does not support Windows NT.

A 3D Video card is not required for Genesis3D applications, but is highly recommended.
  How do I make a game with this?
  Genesis3D is simply a development toolkit. Developing a game still requires advanced knowledge of programming, as well as skilled artists, modellers, musicians, foley artists, and other specialists in the field of media.
We need to stress to you up front, that Genesis3D is not a Click 'n Create game creator.
  Can someone send me code to [insert function here]
  There are different sites listed under the Resources area that contain tutorials and code samples for different things. It is unlikely anyone will just hand you code to do what you need though but instead show ways something can be done.
  What is Jet3D?
  Jet3D was a split in the Genesis3D code when Wild Tangent purchased most of the assets of Eclipse Entertainment. At the time of the purchase, the partly done Genesis 2.0 engine was licensed back to Eclipse Entertainment because David Stafford (CEO of Eclipse Entertainment) wanted the open source development to continue.

Jet3D is the Genesis 2.0 engine split off as a serperate engine for copyright reasons.
  What is the WebDriver?
  The WebDriver is WildTangent's modifications to the Genesis3D engine. It is a web enabled version of the Genesis3D engine. Check WildTangent's website for more information.
  What is Genesis3D Classic?
  Genesis3D Classis was a project started by Mark O'Hara to clean up Genesis3D's code, fix some known bugs, and add new features to the engine. After development began on the project by a group of people, it became apparent that large portions of the engine were being rewritten. Because of this and all the work going into the engine, Mark decided to rename Genesis3D Classic to Destiny3D and split off entirely, not using any original Genesis3D code.
  What is Destiny3D?
  Destiny3D was originally called Genesis3D Classic. It was started as a face lift to the Genesis3D engine but quickly became much more due to not containing any Genesis3D code. Check Destiny3D's website for more information.

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