The purpose of this section is to provide you with varied resources to assist your development with the Genesis3D engine. In here you will find links to websites, and articles, as well as other resources such as IRC.

World of Genesis(WOG): This site is about the gathering and presenting of news, articles, tutorials, resources and in-progress games using the open source Genesis3D engine by Eclipse Entertainment

Unofficial API Reference This site contains information on most of the functions in the engine. Useful for those that want to modify the engine or understand the functions a bit more.
University of Genesis3D: Site with tutorials and a lot of good Genesis3D content

ProjectZ: Creating Games Using GENESIS

Genesis3D Borland C++ SDK: A Borland C++ version of the Genesis3D engine.

G4D: Programming with the Genesis3D SDK using Borland Delphi

Central Nexus: Programming mods for Genesis3D

Jean-Louis Web Site: Very usefull site loaded with tutorials and other resources for Genesis3D

ActiveFrame: A comprehensive C++ based Genesis3D shell

Milkshape3D: A lowcount polygon modeler, which is capable of importing and exporting Genesis 3D models

RealityFactory: A comprehensive game shell for Genesis3D that simplifies the art of making games even further

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